Interest Rates

Personal Accounts

 Interest RatesAPY*
First Savings0.25%0.25%
First Interest Checking0.15%0.15%
First Prime Checking0.15%0.15%
First Money Market Checking0.40%0.40%
First Investment Checking Tier 10.40%0.40%
First Investment Checking Tier 20.50%0.50%
First Investment Checking Tier 30.75%0.75%

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Minimum Opening Balance $1,000

 Interest RatesAPY*
01 Month CD0.40%0.40%
03 Month CD0.45%0.45%
06 Month CD0.55%0.55%
12 Month CD1.25%1.26%
24 Month CD1.50%1.51%
36 Month CD2.00%2.02%
60 Month CD2.50%2.52%

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

 Interest RatesAPY*
12 Month IRA1.25%1.26%
24 Month IRA1.50%1.51%
36 Month IRA2.00%2.02%
60 Month IRA2.50%2.52%

* The annual percentage yield (APY) assumes the principal and its interest will remain on deposit for a full year at the listed rate. Withdrawals, fees and other conditions could reduce earnings.