Statement of Condition

December 31, 2019


Total Assets$878,267,000
Cash and Due from Banks$53,270,000
Investment Securities$43,795,000
Federal Funds Sold$5,871,000
Loans, Net of Reserve for
Loan Losses – Net of 8,826,000$740,080,000
Bank Premises and Equipment$10,046,000
Other Assets$25,205,000


Total Liabilities$792,997,000
Demand Deposits$226,222,000
Interest Bearing Deposits$550,323,000
Total Deposits$776,545,000
Other Liabilities$16,452,000

Shareholders Equity

Total Shareholders Equity$85,270,000
Capital Stock$250,000
Retained Earnings$64,492,000
Total Liabilities and Shareholders Equity$878,267,000