Local Business Spotlight

Data Systems Technology Solutions

Local Business Spotlight

Data Systems Technology Solutions

a division of Data Systems of Texas Holdings

Office in Waco, serving Central Texas

Owner: Greg McEachern

Type of Business: Managed IT Services

Years as a customer: Since 1974

Keys to success: While we are IT experts, what truly sets Data Systems Technology Solutions apart is our focus on making your business better as a whole. We partner with businesses to promote growth, minimize risk, and maximize the value of your IT spend.

About us: Since 1974, Data Systems of Texas has been serving the technology needs of Central Texas businesses through the wise use of software, hardware, and information technology. DSOT started Data Systems Technology Solutions in 2016 to serve the specific IT needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses. Our services include:

  • IT Consulting and Management
  • Existing IT Vendor Management
  • Network Design, Security, Monitoring and Management
  • End-User Support

Contact: DSTStech.com

Bob McEachern

Chairman of the Board

Greg McEachern


Robert McEachern

Vice President of Strategic Accounts