Business Accounts

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Commercial Checking

First Checking

ServiceUnit Price
Account Maintenance$10
Checks Paid$0.15
Deposited Checks (Encoding)$0.025
Deposited Checks (Local)$0.08
Deposited Checks (All Other Banks)$0.10
Deposited Checks (Returned of Recleared)$3.00
Coins Received – Bag$3.00
Coins Shipped – Roll$0.08
Currency – Strap$0.35
Deposits Posted$0.30
Deposits PrintedCost
Lock BagsCost
Statement – Daily$1.25
Statement – Duplicate$1.25
ARP Fine Sort ($25.00 minimum per account)$0.025
ARP Fine Sort & Magnetic Tape ($100.00 per acct plus)$0.06

Earnings Credit

The listed fees are offset by an earnings credit computed on the average investable balance your account maintains each month. The earnings credit is computed by using the average monthly 90 day Treasury Bill rate prevailing during the month with an adjustment for reserve requirements. For further information, please contact New Accounts at (254) 772-9330 or

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